Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin

Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin: A Feeling of Purpose Museum supporter Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin had the sense that she was part of something important as she grew up in the South during the war. Adelaide Benjamin with her parents and brother. Courtesy of Adelaide Benjamin. War touched the life of every American, including Adelaide Wisdom, a young… Continue reading Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin

2nd Lt. Grant Ichikawa

“A Loyal American” 2nd Lieutenant Grant Ichikawa Grant Ichikawa volunteered for US Army service while incarcerated in the Gila River camp. His service as a Japanese translator and interpreter was just the beginning of a long military career. In May 1941, Ichikawa graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, the first in his family to… Continue reading 2nd Lt. Grant Ichikawa

Mildred Bonvillian Aupied

“That’s For Me: Welder Mildred Aupied” At Delta Shipbuilding Company, welder Mildred Aupied was part of an army of American civilians working to build the “Arsenal of Democracy.” Mildred Bonvillian (later Aupied) grew up in the bayou country near Houma, Louisiana. After high school, she joined her sister in New Orleans and got a job… Continue reading Mildred Bonvillian Aupied

Bob Hope

“I Was There”: Honorary Veteran Bob Hope Entertainer Bob Hope brought comfort to generations of American troops on the Home Front and on battlefronts beginning in World War II. During World War II, Bob Hope traveled tens of thousands of miles, crisscrossing the globe to bring a bit of home to those serving in faraway… Continue reading Bob Hope

1st Lt. Shannon Estill

“We Have So Much to Look Forward To”: 1st Lt. Shannon Estill 1st Lt. Shannon Eugene “Gener” Estill comes alive in his letters. His persona emerges from the page in conversations with his wife, Mary Kathryn Taylor Estill. We come to know Estill through his letters, many of which are housed at The National WWII… Continue reading 1st Lt. Shannon Estill

Major Birdie Daigle

“Little Did I Dream It Would Be So Long. . . .” : Major Birdie Daigle Enemy action still raged on Saipan when 10 American Army nurses landed there on July 9, 1944. Major (then Captain) Birdie Daigle was in command of the group, who found an utterly destroyed landscape and 900 wounded civilians. The… Continue reading Major Birdie Daigle

Sergeant Edward Carter

“Yours beyond the end”: Staff Sergeant Edward A. Carter Jr. By the time Edward Carter had turned 24, he had fought alongside the Chinese against the Japanese, served in the Merchant Marine, and, finding that uneventful, joined the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the fight against the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War. Born on May… Continue reading Sergeant Edward Carter

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